What majors and professions should participate?

Urban Design | Architecture | Graphic Design | Photography | Videography | Sociology | Art | Business Administration | Environment and Sustainability | Management | Public Policy | Social Science | Social Welfare | Statistics | and more

Why volunteer with Soulful Cities?

Convenient Sceduling

Online and remote options, fit to your schedule. 

Proof of Work's Impact

We give you tangible proof of your work's impact, which you can show to schools and employeers.

Professional Development 

Expand and strengthen your skill-set in a real-world environment.

Make Connections 

Network with other volunteers, local government, and community stakeholders.

About Soulful Cities

Soulful Cities is a coalition of innovators, urban designers and social equity pioneers fostering cultural development in newly urbanized areas.  

We draw together the many strands of place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity and economic viability into the creation of places with distinct beauty and identity.  

We are City Scientists engaged in the empirical pursuit of utopia.  


Our Projects

PROJECT// Night Market

A weekend-long outdoor event open to the public offering food, merchandise, arts, crafts, and entertainment. The Night Market will focus on fostering sense of community and exposing the public to diverse arts and cultures.  

PROJECT// City Greening

We increase the green space throughout the city for better air quality, reduced temperatures, and to improve the general well-being of the public.

PROJECT// Mini Parks

We transform underused spaces throughout the city into public mini parks, making open space more accessible and creating healthier, happier communities.  

PROJECT// Public Art

We work with local artists, businesses and the public to create and install public murals, sculptures, and interactive pieces which foster a culture of positivity and acceptance in our communities.